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How to Tell If It's Time to Remove Your Pool

Pools aren't cheap. You already know that! It's more than just the cost of putting one in, though. Did you know that keeping and maintaining a pool might be costing you $2,000 to $3,000 a year for an average-size model? Because of the cost and the fact that it no longer serves its purpose, you’ve been thinking about getting your pool removed. How do you know if it’s really time? Many factors can affect your decision. These include:

#1 The kids are gone. Maybe you bought your pool when your children were little and it seemed worth the investment. Now, they’ve grown up and moved out. What’s the point of keeping an expensive pool if you barely use it?

#2 You are ready to sell. If you’re thinking about selling your home, you might be surprised to learn that having an expensive pool to maintain may actually hurt the value of your property rather than help it. This is especially true if the pool is older and hasn’t been maintained in pristine condition.

#3 You want your yard back. Having a pool seemed like a great idea, but you soon realize it takes up the entire yard. It’s only usable a part of the year, so the rest of the time the pool is wasting space.

#4 You are moving in and renovating. Not everyone wants a pool, but if you truly love a house with one already built in, that doesn’t mean that you have to keep it. The cost of pool removal is something that will even out within just a few years. You may want to consider negotiating the price of the property down to cover the cost of pool removal.

#5 There's too many repairs. Normal maintenance isn’t the only expense involved in keeping a pool. Pool repairs easily reach into the thousands. When facing major repair bills, many homeowners discover that it’s less expensive to simply remove the pool than to fix it.

#6 You want to free up money for your future. Thousands of dollars a year spend on pool upkeep for the rest of your life that might be better spent on traveling, remodeling, medical bills, hobbies, or your kids’ college expenses. And that’s not even counting any repairs that you’ve had to do over the years. The cost of pool removal isn’t insignificant, but it’s a one-time expense and then it’s done. Without a pool to pay for, all that money can go towards anything you want.

Do any of these reasons sound familiar to you? Perhaps several do! Whatever the reason, people just like you are coming to the decision that keeping and maintaining their pool just isn’t worth it anymore. Bye Bye Pools is a professional pool removal service based right here in Concord, CA that can help make the removal process fast and easy. All you have to do is sit back and watch! We handle everything from the city permits, to demolition, to the backfill, and through the final inspection. In just a few days, you can say "bye bye!" to that problematic pool once and for all.

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