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Summer is Over, Say Goodbye to Your Pool!

Anyone with a pool can tell you what a hassle they are. Even a pool that is in great shape constantly needs attention. Is the water level correct? Is there enough chlorine? Oh no- is the vacuum broken now? Is something stuck in the filter? It seems like you are always needing to either call the pool guy or get out there and do something yourself.

Pools get the most action during the summer months, particularly this summer with statewide "safer at home" measures in effect. Now that summer is ending and the kids are heading back to school, you'll only be out there once a week- if that. If your problematic pool has been more trouble than it is worth lately, it's only going to feel like a bigger waste of time, energy, and money once the kids are in school everyday and it's not being swam in. That is why this is the perfect time to reach out to Bye Bye Pools and learn about pool removal in Concord, CA.

Yes- you can actually remove your pool! Our professional, friendly, experienced crew will help you reclaim the space in your backyard by demolishing your pool in an efficient way. We do this in a way that ensures there are no damages to your existing landscape. We'll handle the job from start to finish, including the inspection and permitting. We begin with discussing and understanding your needs, which we believe is key to the success of any project. We visit the location and do a thorough visual inspection and offer you a free estimate and also a plan of execution. This is the start of our journey together towards a common goal, saying “bye bye" to your pool and welcoming a newly reclaimed space! Remember, the site inspection and written quote are free. Once we move forward, we'll provide you with a detailed contract with fixed prices so there's never any guessing.

What else could this space become? You could have a much bigger backyard, one that is perfect for playing outside without fear of little ones falling in the pool. You could plant a garden. You could host BBQs. Imagine hosting the Super Bowl at your house this year! When your pool is gone you'll feel like you have a massive space and the possibilities are endless. Once we decide on the best way to remove your pool, the project will only take a few days.

The kids are going back to school in a few short weeks. Your pool won't be swam in very often once they are back to a school routine of being gone all day, plus homework and after school activities. Your pool will just be sitting there, costing you money to clean and fix while not offering any fun times. It doesn't need to be this way! Give us a call today at 1-800-byebyepool, or request an estimate by clicking here to contact us online. We do a thorough clean up and recycle most of the materials from the job. Our job does not end here. We stand by our work for the coming years!

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