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Backyard Ideas After Pool Removal

Not all pools are in a condition to enjoy them- either playing in them or even looking at them. If the pool on your property is old, leaking, dangerous, and hasn't been kept up with, now is the time to look into removing it all together. You may choose to remove your swimming pool for a variety of reasons, whether for safety concerns, no longer wanting to pay for maintenance, or for landscaping reasons. Imagine...finally having a backyard where your kids can run around, your garden can grow, and you can entertain guests. Wouldn't that be great!

In general, pool removals take two to five days from start to finish. After the actual pool removal, city inspections may take a day or two and then the project is considered completely finished. The exact amount of time the process takes can also depend on:

#1 Your yard

#2 The size of your pool

#3 What you plan on doing with the space afterwards

The exact amount of time your pool removal will take depends on what you plan on doing with the space once the pool is gone, so you'll want to have this planned out ahead of time. Perhaps you want to place a tool shed or greenhouse in the space. Wouldn't a treehouse, slide, or swing set look amazing in your "new" backyard? If you want to build or put heavy landscape over the area, your best option is a full pool removal. You cannot build over a partially removed pool. Even planting trees or other large plants atop a buried pool can be risky, so a full pool removal is required if you like any of these ideas. This takes a bit longer, but it is well worth it when you have full use of your backyard for whatever you decide to do. On the other hand, a partial pool removal may be acceptable if you only want to lay down sod over the area. Your kids or pets can run around in the grass without a worry.

In any scenario, removing a pool is no small task. The project involves heavy-duty equipment and machinery, safety gear, city and/or county permits, and debris removal. It's important to hire a professional team you can trust for a removal project this extensive.

Now that you have a few ideas in your head about what you can do with your backyard space once the pool is gone, you can contact a pool removal company to ask any further questions. Learn all you can about the noise, the permits needed, and costs associated with the project by reaching out to Bye Bye Pools in Concord, CA. When you make the call to Bye Bye Pools, this exciting project will all be happening very soon. You'll look out your back window to see a swing set instead of a dangerous empty pool in no time!

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