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How Long Does Pool Removal Take?

A beautiful, well-maintained, and functional pool is so much fun. It's a fantastic addition to nearly any home. Yet, not all pools are in such condition. If the pool on your property is old, leaking, dangerous, and hasn't been kept up with, now is the time to look into removing it all together. Yes, this is possible!

Concord, CA pool removal is the best option for homeowners who have a problematic pool in their yard that is more an eye sore than a fun summer activity. If this describes your current situation, you are not alone. Many in your situation say something similar to "Great! How quickly can it be gone?" In fact, this is one of the most commonly-asked questions regarding pool removal. How long does pool removal take?

On average, you can expect the pool removal process to take two to five days from start to finish. In many pool removal cases, the removal and fill process will only take about three days, but city inspections can delay the project being considered completely done by a couple of days.

We want it done quickly and perfectly, just like you do! The exact amount of time your pool removal will take depends on several factors. If you want to build or landscape over the area, your best option is a full pool removal. You cannot build over a partially removed pool, and planting trees or other plants atop a buried pool can be tricky, so full pool removal is required. This takes a bit longer, but it is well worth the wait. On the other hand. a partial pool removal may be acceptable if you only want to lay down sod over the area. Keep in mind though that this may affect you being able to sell your home at a later date. You'll need to tell future potential buyers that they cannot build or plant over the area, which may hurt your asking price. A few extra days no can mean thousands more down the line.

The exact amount of time the process takes can also depend on your yard and the size of your pool. There are a lot of machines and equipment needed to expertly do this. Your chosen demolition team will need to get an excavator, jackhammer, Skid Steer, rebar cutter, and soil compactor back there. If access is easy, the entire project goes faster. And of course, smaller pools are finished quicker than larger ones. This just makes sense!

A homeowner may choose to remove their swimming pool for a variety of reasons, whether for safety concerns, no longer wanting to pay for maintenance, or for landscaping reasons. In any scenario, this is no small task. The project involves heavy-duty equipment and machinery, safety gear, city and/or county permits, and debris removal. It's important to hire a professional team you can trust for a removal project this extensive. For any further questions about your poor removal, please contact the professionals at Bye Bye Pools at (925)-497-3321.

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