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What is the Best Type of Swimming Pool Removal for You?

What was once the best place to spend a hot summer day is now an eyesore. It's simply too much hassle to get your pool back up to where someone would actually want to swim in it. It's old and broken down. You want the pool gone!

There are actually four slightly different types of swimming pool removal. They are:

#1 Partial Removal and Non-Engineered Fill. This is the most common type of removal because it is the cheapest, easiest, and fasted. This technique involves punching holes in the bottom of the swimming pool, breaking the sides down 18"-36" from grade, and then backfilling and compacting the area with no engineering oversight. The area will be considered non-buildable, but the space will be perfectly acceptable for landscaping, sheds, concrete, plants or trees. The main advantage to this type of pool removal is cost savings and the fact that it can be removed in just two to five days.

#2 Partial Removal and Engineered Fill. This technique is the same as above except that the backfill would be monitored by an engineer technician who would perform density testing during backfill. This technique is typically only used when required by the city, but if you are unsure of how future home buyers may react to the pool removal it might be a good idea. The advantages to this type of pool removal is that it is still cheaper than a full removal and can be done in about four days. Another advantage would be that you have verification that the area has been properly compacted when it is time to sell the property.

#3 Full Removal with Non-Engineered Backfill. Everything is removed from the pool cavity and hauled off-site. The area is filled and compacted. When you sell your home, your disclosure will state that the entire pool was removed which may have less impact than if you had performed a partial removal.

#4 Full Removal with Engineered Backfill. If you want your property to be like the pool never even existed, this is the option for you. In this option, all concrete, fiberglass, liner, re-bar, and everything else is removed from the pool cavity and hauled off-site. The area is filled and compacted. Our team will provide a demolition and compaction plan approved by a state licensed engineer, perform density testing and oversight during backfill, and submit a final engineer review declaring the area "buildable." Although this is the most expensive option, it is the absolute best process.

If you need help deciding which one is right for your situation, contact Bye Bye Pools! We have been serving the needs of the Concord, CA area for many years. You could be our next satisfied customer! Call us at (925)-497-3321 to get started talking about our pool removal services.

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